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Hello! I am Donald Jasbond. Today I would like to welcome you to my own personal venture, Jasbond.

Jasbond was handed down to me from my father which was handed down to him by his father, which was handed down to him by his father, which was handed down to him by his mother, and his mother she did not treat it so well but I've got it up to scratch. Women, what are they like? Hohoha!

I'd like to invite you to sign up for a Jasbond bank account, and maybe if you can pick some words of wisdom, I'll give you some JBs. Go on, try and hit some nodes!

Sincerely xxx
Donald Jasbond.

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You no have a Jasbond account? I'll keep these JBs for meself, then!

You could always register or login though, the benefits are plentiful, then you can come back and claim these JBs straight from Donald's pocket! Don't let the opportunity of a lifetime pass you by!

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